My Loabi had another working trip, this time to Johor Bahru and guess who invited herself once again? Yes. It is I, his loyal and lovable pest.

I never noticed that Johor had many colourful buildings until this visit.

Colourful buildings in Johor Bahru

Naturally, road trips also means food trip with my Loabi. Here is our first stop enroute to Johor Bahru! Mee Bandung in Muar.

Mee Bandung in Muar
Mee Bandung Muar shop
Mee Bandung Muar shop
Mee Bandung Muar Shop
Frozen Mee Bandung Gravy (ready-made)

I am no expert when it comes to Malay food tasting (my boyfriend is) but this mee bandung is slightly dilluted for me. Abit spicy but that’s just me because I don’t really eat spicy food. We initially wanted to try out another Mee Bandung restaurant called Restoren Mee Bandung Abu Bakar Hanapiah but it was closed so we ended up trying this shop instead. Mom loved the ready made mee bandung gravy.

We stayed at the Doubletree by Hilton in Johor Bahru. Some pictures:-

Doubletree by Hilton, Johor Bahru
Room at Doubletree by Hilton, Johor Bahru
Swimming pool view from our room

That night we went to LC catering in Taman Melodies to have ayam penyet for dinner. We also had some otak-otak and vegetable soup.

Ayam penyet & vegetable soup

Food at LC Catering was good, enough to make up for the ayam penyet that I miss from Medan. I liked to vegetable soup too.

I loved the breakfast spread at Makan Kitchen. A good mix of local cuisine (Indian, Chinese and Malay dishes) and Western. I dedicated a whole post for Makan Kitchen and posted almost all of their selection there.

Here’s what I had from the Makan Kitchen.

Breakfast at Doubletree by Hilton, Johor
Lo Mai Kai and Muesli
Strawberry ice cream & bread and butter pudding

I went swimming while Loabi was at work. The pool wasn’t overly crowded and I love those relaxing water benches you see in the picture below.

Swimming pool at the Doubletree by Hilton, Johor
Swimming pool at the Doubletree by Hilton, Johor
Gym at the Doubletree by Hilton, Johor

Loabi was so busy working he didn’t even get a chance to dip in the swimming pool.

We went to Danga Bay that evening, a waterfront city in Johor.

Country Garden at Danga Bay
Country Garden at Danga Bay
Panoramic view
Country garden at Danga Bay

It looks like a new area with a scenic view so we just walked around the area for abit before heading out for dinner.

Loabi took me to Kapten Charcoal BBQ for dinner which is located in a place called Kilang Bateri. I was craving for meat so this was perfect!

Kapten Charcoal BBQ
Buffet – Bbq and steamboat
Kapten Charcoal Bbq at Kilang Bateri, Johor

The selection at Kapten was wide enough to satisfy my cravings for meat and taste was good too. There were choices of marinated beef, chicken, fish, seafood and vegetables plus fruits and drinks. Fried rice too for those who must have rice.

Kilang Bateri
Kilang Bateri

There are a few other eateries here at the Kilang Bateri including Cup Chai, which I write about later; a place that I would want to return to the next time I am in Johor.

Inside Kilang Bateri
Kilang Bateri

It is now time for a walk after a buffet meal. So Loabi took me to a night market called pasar karat (bazaar karat).

Night market – Pasar karat

The night market was bigger than I thought it would be, selling almost everything from food, apparels, gadgets to dvds at good prices. It was a much needed walk before we called it a night..

Breakfast on one of the mornings, this time with Loabi. I didn’t take pictures of my breakfast on all days as breakfast spread at Makan Kitchen is covered in another post.

Breakfast with Loabi
Breakfast with Loabi
Breakfast with Loabi
Banana bread pudding and frozen mango yogurt

Yes, I’m a sucker for banana bread puddings.

I always try to look out for local food or dishes that are in this case, distinctively Johorean, so Loabi introduced me to Kacang Pol.

Kacang pol and toasted bread

Oh I love these. Reminds me of beef chilli except that this comes with a fried egg and lime. The toasted bread made them a lovely pair and I will look out for these the next time I am in Johor.

Mee rebus at Cup Chai

The mee rebus was slightly sweet and I would prefer to have the kacang pol instead. I just had to give it a try but Loabi ended up eating most of it, I think he knew I liked the kacang pol better 😙

Cup Chai cafe
Cup Chai cafe
Cup chai cafe

I liked the style and concept of the cafe. It has a warm cozy feeling and all staff wore hats as part of their uniform which I thought was quite unique. There is also another branch of Cup Chai at Kilang Bateri (where I had dinner at Kapten Charcoal bbq earlier).

Before leaving Johor, Loabi and I looked for this place that sells fried durians, a shop called Restoran Wah Cai and boy, I am glad I read about these babies because Loabi loved them! At least he tried something new in Johor and liked it!

Fried durians
Real durians
Fried banana, Loabi really liked these
Fried cempedak. I couldn’t resist.
Restoran Wah Cai
Look at those fan
Lucky for us, short queue and all was available
Price list for fried goodies at Wah Cai

There is another stall that sells fried durians such as these at CSS, a stall near Tai Soon kopitiam in Taman Sri Tebrau which is said to have a thinner crust compared to Wah Cai and cheaper too!

Maybe next time!

Thank you Loabi for taking me around and feeding my tummy!

Makan Kitchen @ Doubletree, Hilton Johor