October 2017

Makan Kitchen @ Doubletree, Hilton Johor

Quick view of the glorious breakfast spread at the Makan Kitchen, Doubletree by Hilton, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.


Coconut candy

I'm not a big fan of coconuts but a friend of mine made this and I now crave for it every now and then. Mom on the other hand, loves coconut. I am actually waiting for the coconut candy to cool now, so I might as well get this post up while I wait. My first time at this coconut candy though. If I don't get it right then we can learn from my mistakes, right? Will be posting step by step photos.

Heavenly Retreat @ the Dusun, Negeri Sembilan

I have been wanting to go on a retreat getaway for far too long and our trip to the Dusun was timely. The wait felt like it was forever! Our stay at the Dusun was wonderful. There are 7 houses at the Dusun and we stayed at the Berembun house which was amazing! Great hospitality, tranquil, and it made us feel just like home. We are in love with this place.

Healthy fruit salad

I made this once for Mom's birthday earlier this year and I like having fruits this way. I didn't use as many fruits but I am not fussy. Mom helped me buy some fruits (including cut fruits like honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelons) so I just used it all. I love how my boyfriend made full use of my fruit salad. Refreshing!

Simple Coleslaw (with green apple)

For our one night retreat, I planned for us to completely relax and unwind. My boyfriend only knew the location of our retreat without knowing exactly where we headed to and I requested that he marinate some meat for our BBQ dinner. That, and drive us to our retreat location. I chose the retreat location (it has been on my list for a few years ) and was in charge of making coleslaw and fruit salad in the food department.

Jalan-Jalan Penang, Malaysia

My post on Penang, the Food Haven, was longer than I thought it would be so I will try my best to make this short and sweet. Sharing photos of graffities, Bukit Bendera (Penang hill) and other locations in Georgetown, Penang.

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