I just realised that my driver’s license will be expiring next week (yes, my birthday is next week!) and I haven’t a clue on how to renew my existing “plastic” driver’s license to the new the driver’s license card.

I happened to be in Subang Jaya when I realised this so I decided to drive to the nearest Post Office to find out and I am writting this while waiting for my turn at the post office in Aeon Subang Jaya.

It’s a small post office located at the B1 parking level. Because of the size, this post office is rather stuffy and there are no special lanes for senior citizens.


Please press the correct queue number, I saw quite a few who had to queue again because they pressed the wrong button.


So here’s what you need:
1. Your Identification Card/ Mykad (as long as the chip is working).
2. Your existing driver’s license.
3. Cash! Its RM30/year + RM2 + Gst of 6% so my 5 years renewal came to RM152.10.

imageHere’s what you need + cash!

No photo is required; your MyKad photo will be uploaded into the system for renewal. Just check that your address is correct before they print your new driver’s license in case your JPJ records are not updated. This was the case when I renewed my roadtax not too long ago.

Here’s what happened then – few months ago I renewed my passport and updated my address on my MyKad on the same day but because passport renewal was so quick & easy, it didn’t cross my mind to check the address used for my passport! Plus, the address is not visible on the passport so it didn’t occur to me that the address used was an extremely old address.

I only found out later that all my database (JPN, JPJ etc) had reverted back to my old address when I was renewing my roadtax so its always good to have the officer reconfirm your details because sometimes, even though you have them repeat your updated address, they could still end up printing your roadtax with the outdated address! This was the case when I renewed mine but thats another story for another day.

Anyway, it took me almost an hour to renew my driver’s license today. Maybe because its school holiday and everyone is out running errands.

Hope this helps! ūüėä