We stayed for only one night in Lake Toba (Samosir Island) and two nights in Berastagi (Medan).

Carolina hotel, Lake Toba
Our room on the top level (Carolina hotel, Lake Toba)
The view from our room (Carolina hotel, Lake Toba)
Carolina hotel, Lake Toba
The boat drops you off directly at the hotel (Carolina hotel, Lake Toba)

We stayed in Rudang hotel (Berastagi) over the next two nights but no pictures of our rooms though!

Swimming pool, Rudang hotel (Berastagi)

We didn’t swim, didn’t have the time and it was too cold!

The main building to the hotel (Rudang hotel, Berastagi)

This is the reception area and where the restaurant is, the only area with wifi around hotel vicinity. Lots of mosquitoes there, so cover up!

Opposite Rudang hotel (Berastagi)

We like where we stayed, both in Lake Toba and Berastagi. The room in Carolina hotel was quite spacious and the room was quite cooling even though there was no air-conditioning or fan.

Rudang hotel was nice too, room has air-conditioning (even though we didn’t need it) and its about 15 mins walk to the night market/fruit market. “Angkut” or the mini van/bus would take 5 mins or so.

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