On Samosir Island (Lake Toba)

Our first meal on Samosir Island was @ Horas Cafe. We managed to rent a bike from here at Rp100k from 5pm that day to 9am the next day. Most of the other rentals only allowed rental up to 7pm. Rental at our hotel (Carolina Hotel) was Rp35k/hour.

Teh botol is just something you need to try at least once if you’re in Indonesia, it’s a local thing.

Horas Cafe, Samosir Island

I don’t eat tempeh (soybean) in Malaysia but I love Indonesian tempeh, they are much tastier.

Tempeh (Soybean) @ Horas Cafe
Special fried noodle @ Horas cafe (Rp28k)
Carbonara @ Horas cafe

Dinner was at Rumba Pizzaria.

Hawaian pizza, Tuna sandwich, local coffee (extremely sweet!) and hot tea.

The next day we had breakfast at Bagus Bay, where we wanted to go canoeing but there were none left so we left for Ambarita after breakfast.

Cheese pancake for breakfast @ Bagus Bay

There are also performances at Bagus Bay; Batak dance was scheduled at 8.15pm but we missed it from the night before.

Avocado salad & Kuinin mango – loved these!

Avocado is cheap in Indonesia, so I had them whenever I could.

Alpukat (avocado drink) & Mango juice – two of my favourite drinks whenever in Indonesia.

I just love Indonesian mango juice, the juices are thick and reasonably priced.

Gado gado – I loved this!

Sipiso-Piso Waterfall (on our way to Berastagi)

We had Bakso as our late lunch at Sipiso-Piso waterfall.

Bakso near Sipiso-Piso waterfall

Bakso is another must try dish in Indonesia but the one that we had at Sipiso-Piso waterfall is a no-no. The meatball just didn’t taste right.

After we checked into our hotel in Berastagi (Rudang hotel), we took an “angkut”, like a mini van/bus, to the night market which was about 10 minutes away by angkut. The first thing we had were durians!! Oh we loved it so much, it was excellent! We even went back the next night and had it at our hotel.

Durian from night market @ Berastagi
Durian from night market @ Berastagi

We also had satays with two types of peanut sauce, one was spicier than the other. It is actually quite different from Malaysian satays – it was marinated differently and meat was in thin strips but I actually quite like the difference.

Satay with two types of sauce @ Berastagi night market

I love the fact that my better half loves food + street food! We always look forward to trying new food!

Fried Kuey Teow & Hot Bandrek

Bandrek = ginger tea with milk. It was everywhere in Medan so we decided to try it. It was slightly chill at night and it was drizzling so it was quite nice to have bandrek at night.

There was also another drink that was quite peculiar; TST (teh susu telur). In direct translation this means “tea milk eggs”. We saw alot of Bandrek and TST but decided to give bandrek a try. I will remind myself to try TST next time!

We went to the night market again the next day and this time we went for rice (nasi).

Bebek bakar @ Night market, Berastagi
Bebek Goreng (Fried duck)

We loved the food from the night market, especially these bebeks (ducks)! Its so good, not easy to get bebeks like these in Malaysia.

The next morning we decided to walk along the shop houses on the same stretch. We had nasi soto (soto with rice) and lontong, we enjoyed both!

Nasi soto and Lontong, Berastagi

We checked out on this day and on our way to the airport, our driver brought us here because we couldn’t get enough of the nasi bebek (duck rice).


We both had two plates each and we also tried the ayam penyet (chicken) which was also good. Food was so good that we didn’t take pictures but ayam penyet/bebek is something you have to try in Indonesia!

The one thing we never tried thought was this..

I guess we will never know..

We bought this on our way to the airport at one of the stops, I really liked this. Peanut candy coated with sticky sesame rice thing.. not sure what its called but I will be sure to look for this next time.

Peanut candy

Good and tasty food in Medan – I really enjoyed food here!

Medan & Lake Toba (Samosir Island) – where we stayed