I had every intention of going for massages on a daily basis while in Krabi. Here are the massage parlors I went to while in Ao Nang and Krabi Town.

The first one was Atta Rak in Ao Nang, a small place on the lower level across McDonald’s. It has private rooms and price starts from ~THB400/hour. You will be served with a hot drink and will be given a foot rinse before the massage begins.

My first ever thai massage ~THB500/hour

On the second day I went to Radarom Spa which is located near the mosque in Ao Nang. Radarom Spa is bigger than Atta Rak and this time I decided to try the Thai herbal compress massage. I absolutely loved it!

Radarom Spa ~THB750/1.5 hour for Thai Herbal Massage
Price list for Radarom Spa @ November 2016
Price list for Radarom Spa @ November 2016

There’s an eatery near Radarom Spa, I can’t recall the name of the place (maybe just two doors away from Radarom Spa) but I liked the pad thai that they served here (plus free wifi). I can’t take spicy food so the phad thai’s usually end up being abit too sweet but this was quite nice.

Pad thai ~THB80, Papaya salad w salted egg ~THB80, Mango Lassi ~85. Enjoyed all three.

The last massage parlor I went to was in Krabi town, which was near the hotel I stayed (Apo Hotel). Shared space and separated by curtains but massage was probably better than Atta Rak for me, cheaper too. Thai massage (1 hour) cost THB300.

Reflexology @ My First Lady, Krabi town

I now prefer thai massages compared to aromatherapy/oil massages because of the method and pressure that they use. Aromatherapy/oil massages can sometimes be painful for me and I do like the fact that I can be fully clothed and not feel sticky after a massage.

I’d recommend all three of the above if you are looking for mid-range massage parlor in Krabi that is in an enclosed space.

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