Food is slightly cheaper in Krabi town compared to Ao Nang. I tried more food in Krabi town than I did in Ao Nang but that’s probably because there were night markets in Krabi town (on Maharaj road & Chao Fah pier) + its always more fun eating with your partner!

Here’s some of the food I tried while in Krabi-

Minced chicken spring rolls in Ao Nang ~THB80
Spinach & Corn pie from McDonald’s (THB115) because we don’t have this in Malaysia
This is the restaurant where I had duck rice; next to May & Mark’s House on Maharaj Road Soi 10. Duck rice was THB69 – Images in Lai Kratong Festival in Krabi
Khao Mok Gai, about THB50 in Krabi Town. I like this, Thai version of Chicken Briyani.
Tom yum soup, omelette , mango salad (kerabu mangga), sweet & sour fish + 2 plate of rice ~THB690 (Abdullah restaurant opposite Vogue departmental store).
Khanom Buang, Krabi town night market (THB30). Way too sweet for my liking.
Banana in caramelized sugar (THB20 from night market).
Quail eggs served with soy sauce& pepper – would’ve tried this but there were too many in a serving.
Coconut milk ice cream with chocolate drizzle, Night Market (THB~20). Love this!
Fried yogurt ice cream with lychee – refreshing! THB40 (night market in Krabi town). Video on instagram (atthejettylove)!
Street food in Krabi town night market, didn’t try any of these.
Banana + Nutella pancake (THB 40) from Chao Fah Pier
I don’t know what this is called but I like this! Bought this from Maharat market while on our way to Emerald pool. She was teaching us how to eat it.
This is what it looks like. Its sweet coconut wrapped in thin rice flour skin with salad and sweet chilli sauce. No clue what it’s called!
This is how you eat it – will definitely get my hands on this again the next time i visit Thailand.

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